Sam Joly
Unity Dev & Creative Tech
NBA All-Star's Dribble Town - Real-time Body Tracking Game - AT&T
 Role: Unity/C#
As part of AT&T's NBA All-Star activation, Dribble Town took over a massive LED wall at the Indiana Convention Center, featuring real-time body tracking to turn fans into customized 3D avatars.
Virtual workspace - Mix Reality Experience
Multi-User Cross-Platform AR-VR Shared Experience - AT&T
 Role: Design and Unity/C# Development
A 3D virtual workspace that collaborators can access anytime, anywhere, with any connected platform. To meet this objective, I developed a cross-platform prototype of shared mixed reality experiences that illustrates how networked entertainment, social interaction, and collaborative work environments can be developed utilizing an AR tablet (Tango), a VR headset (HTC Vive) and a desktop computer.
ProjectM - Scientific Light Visualization Application - Ecosense
 Role: Unity/C#/DOTS Development
An application that displays performance metrics for light fixtures, including aspects such as light quality, color accuracy, and power usage. The project leverages Unity for visualization and interactivity, especially Unity's DOTS (Data-Oriented Technology Stack) for handling complex scenes, which include 90k instances and intensive scientific calculations.
Lite - Light Control iOS Application - Korrus
 Role: SwiftUI Development
The application is designed to leverage the RDM protocol, for bi-directional communication with lighting devices using PIDs (Parameter IDs) for specific functions. It employs the ArtNet protocol to encapsulate RDM data into packets for transmission over IP networks using UDP. Additionally, the project features a Simulator App that can function as a receiver or a controller,, for testing and setup purposes.
GarageWork I & II VR - Prototype - R&D
GarageWork I & II - Virtual Reality - DIRECTV
 Role: Unity/C#/Mix Reality Development
This Oculus Rift VR experience (DK2) explores the evolution of the car - from connectivity, to the fully autonomous vehicle. It allows the viewer to drive through desert, forest, and beach landscapes, and to operate as three different characters, each with a different point of view: driver, front-seat passenger and back seat passenger. I designed and developed this stand-alone application for DLab's Futureland. Three stations ran simultaneously and were partially controlled by Arduino and UFID tags (which were given to each visitor at the entrance of the showroom).
Futureland 2015
Tango AR
Just Another Day At The Office - Augmented Reality - AT&T
 Role: Unity/C# Development
The camera follows a ball through an intricate Rube Goldberg machine for a promotional video. The finale is a real time special FX as seen through a tablet. For this project, I developed an Android application running on an Augmented Reality Tango tablet, which configures the motion of the virtual ball, and plays the animation on top of the surrounding environment.
Multi-User Theater - Shared Virtual Reality
Multi-User Theater - Shared Virtual Reality - DIRECTV
 Role: Unity/C# Development
VR, until now, has been a solitary ride. Our familiarity with lonely virtual theaters led us to create a more social experience, connecting viewers remotely into a shared virtual theater environment. We created avatars, allowing viewers to see each other and interact in non-verbal ways while watching the same programming simultaneously on their Gear VR headsets, utilizing wirelessly connected smartphones. I was in charge of the mobile development for GearVR and the network/host manage by a PC.
Popmpeii - Ashes to Ashes - Promotional Mobile Game
Popmpeii - Ashes to Ashes - Mobile Game - Sony Pictures
 Role: Game Design and Unity/C# Game Development
In this iPhone game, players take control of Mount Vesuvius during the eruption that destroys Pompeii. The idea of playing a volcano was hard to sell at first until I created a prototype to explain the gameplay and it's unique perspective. Because of the tight deadline my goal was to create a simple game taking advantage of one of Unity's best features - the physical simulation. I designed and developed the game to make it fun without losing the dramatic vocabulary of this destructive situation, including features such as tremors, a rain of ashes, fire, smoke and chain destruction.
Robocop - Promotional Third Person Shooter Game
Robocop - Game - Sony Pictures
 Role: Game Design and Unity/C# Game Development
Developed for the 2014 remake of Robocop, this third person shooter game uses Unity 3D and C#. Users play the role of Robocop and fight against endless hordes of cyborgs, drones and the ED-209 enforcement droid. I was responsible for defining the scope of the game based on the budget and time allocated to the project. In order to make the game attractive to beginners as well as hard core gamers, I organized the game's difficulty so that it would unfold exponentially. I developed and coded the game's mechanics including the game's rules, character control, and the enemy's artificial intelligence. In addition, I participated in creating the game's visual and audio experience, including aspects such as special effects with light, reflections, particles, scorch marks, smoke, as well as dynamic sounds effects and music that react to user performance to create dramatic fighting experiences. Finally, I optimized the game to dynamically change the level of graphic complexity depending on players' computer hardware.
Multi-TV - Virtual Reality
Multi-Screen Adaptive Streaming - Virtual Reality - Ericsson
 Role: Design, and Unity/C# Development
A multi-screen Virtual Reality experience, which adapts bandwidth use based on the “screen of interest” of the user. I designed a virtual environment to match the Motorsports theme, and developed an application to communicate with the server managing the video stream in order to display the right content - therefore optimizing the speed and quality of the experience.
Drive-In - Immersive Theater - Virtual Reality
Drive-In - Immersive Theater - Virtual Reality - DIRECTV
 Role: Design, Animation and Unity/C# Development
A virtual theater that brings the movie's action off the screen and into the viewer's virtual world. This 1950's drive-in movie is set in a black and white world that was being invaded by aliens - just like what was happening on the screen. Gaze-driven triggers ensure that the experience caters to the user, creating a unique interaction every time. As content has become more and more commoditized, experiences like this create exclusivity and demand for new content, and refresh demand for older content. Spatialized sound, animation, and effects create a sense of immersion and raise the level of excitement.
3D Gesture Recognition Prototype - Intel RealSense
 Role: Unity/C#/RealSense Development
Responsible for creating a prototype using 3D gesture recognition with the Intel RealSense camera. I defined the library of gestures recognized by the application, created animated feedback when actions were triggered by the user's movements to create an intuitive experience, and ensured the responsiveness of the interactions.
Google Shop at Currys PC VR Tour - Promotional Virtual Reality App
Currys VR Tour - Virtual Reality - Google
 Role: Unity/C# Development
This five-minute virtual reality tour, guided by a Google Associate, takes viewers through an interactive space and gives an informative, up-close view of the Google shop's features and experiences. My role on the team was to develop, animate, and optimize the application (the tour) for Google Cardboard.
This Is The End - Promotional Platform Game
This Is The End - Game - Sony Pictures
 Role: Game Design and Unity/C# Game Development
Hollywood Hellfire, a new platform-style game developed for the film This Is the End, used Unity 3D and C#. Users play the role of Seth Rogen or Jay Baruche who make their way through an apocalyptic Hollywood as they search for James Franco's house (and ultimately find salvation). I was responsible for creating the prototype for the game, for developing code for the game's mechanics, and for creating some of the visual effects such as light effects, the fire rain, earthquakes, smoke, meteor showers, and the light beams from the sky.
Winner of The Hollywood Reporter's 2013 Key Art Awards; Bronze Award in the Digital category.
BKB VR - Virtual Reality App
BKB VR - Virtual Reality App - DIRECTV
 Role: Unity/C# Development
This immersive virtual reality mobile application offers a ringside seat at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, allowing viewers to experience the thrill of Big Knockout Boxing (BKB). I developed the 360 video application for Google Cardboard (Android and iOS).
Digital Sugar Baby - 360 Sculpture Viewer - Kara Walker
 Role: JavaScript Development
On the occasion of Kara Walker's monumental sculpture Sugar Baby, installed at the former Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Creativetime created a digital version of the sculpture that evolved on a weekly basis throughout the sculpture's exhibition. The digital version begins with a 3D model of the sculpture. Each angle from which a viewer might regard the model is connected to a feed of photos taken from the same angle, by visitors to the exhibition. I was responsible for creating the 3D viewer/ turntable application and updating the images for each week. The final product works smoothly on desktops with mouse navigation as well as on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) with touch screens.
Grown Ups 2 - Promotional Pinball Game - Sony Pictures
 Role: Game Design, Unity/C# and Flash/AS3 Development
This pinball game was developed for the film Grown Ups 2 using Unity and Flash. The result is a classic arcade game that reintroduces iconic elements from the movie - key landscape features, for example, and memorable quotes from the movie's actors. I was responsible for creating this game: I designed the game board with attention to movement dynamics, and defined the possible trajectories and point systems. I also developed the physicality of the ball and the reaction of the board including propulsions, light and sound effects, and integrating 3D elements using Unity and C#. I used Flash to create the user interface and establish communication between Unity and Flash components.
Arduino Light Ctrl
Wireless Light Control - R&D
 Role: Arduino/C++ and Unity/C# Development
An experimental project using Arduino Bluetooth to wirelessly control a light fixture through an app. The Arduino stack includes Nano 33 BLE, Mega, and a DMX shield.
Video Plus - Video Player for Interactive Trailers - Sony Pictures
 Role: Flash/AS3 Development
Video Plus is a Flash-based interactive player for movie trailers that invites the user to discover exclusive movie-related content. I was responsible for creating an easily customized and expandable application to meet different movie title and marketing needs. I also created the content for the movies Looper and Django Unchained including elements such as directors' quotes, 3D props, photos, videos and animated excerpts from comic books. Since then, the player has been used for various movies including This Is the End, The Mortal Instruments, and Elysium.
The Smurfs
The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 - International Web Sites - Sony Pictures
 Role: Flash/AS3 Development
Websites for both movies invite viewers to take on the role of Clumsy Smurf as he makes his way through New York and Paris. Along the way, viewers meet other members of the Smurf family and share a Smurf's-eye-view of the challenges of navigating The Big Apple and The City of Light. Working closely with art directors and designers, I was responsible for developing both sites, including perspective illusion, navigation, the character's interaction with the site, and integration of videos, photos, downloads, and games.
pixelAward fwaAward fwaAward
Winner of the 2011 Pixel Awards competition in the Movies category (
Winner of the FWA (Favourite Website Awards) Site of the Day award on September 1 2011 (
Official Honoree in the Movie and Film category of the 16th Annual Webby Awards (
District 9 - Community Watch - Viral Campaign - Sony Pictures
 Role: Flash/AS3 Development
This website was part of a guerilla marketing campaign for the movie District 9, in which posters, billboards, bus benches and bus signage all displayed a phone number to be used to report suspicious activity by non-humans. I was responsible for developing a Flash website that displayed phone calls received during the campaign. The website, which recreated the heavy atmosphere and social tension that characterized the movie, featured an interactive map where users could choose a location and listen to selected calls while watching visualizations of the sound waveforms generated by callers' voices.
Part of the “District 9” marketing campaign which won the “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” award during The Hollywood Reporter's 39th annual Key Art Awards.
Sony Make.Believe - Gallery - Sony Pictures
 Role: Alternativa3D/AS3 Development
This Flash photo gallery displays photo submissions for the Sony Make.Believe photo contest. I was responsible for conceptualizing and developing a gallery that could handle an unlimited number of photos. The final product gives users the ability to navigate through an infinite 3D wall of “zoomable” photos that can be turned in order to display descriptions, and shared. I also created a smart loading system that prioritized increasing the site's reactivity to users' actions. I chose the Flash 3D engine Alternativa3D to create the graphic interface.
Eat Pray Love - Real-Time Mosaic - Sony Pictures
 Role: Flash/AS3 Development
This fan-based interactive photo mosaic gives users the ability to participate in the campaign for Eat Pray Love, the movie. I created an action script based application that analyzed the dominant color of submitted pictures, and placed them with the closest color match on the main image. The goal was to radically streamline the updating process so that the only human action necessary, after submission, was to verify that submitted pictures were appropriate to the movie audience. The efficiency of this system allowed the mosaic to be updated several times per day. I was responsible for back end engineering as well as front end logic, creating the algorithm that handled the color matching function, and creating the user interface for the mosaic itself.
Extraordinary Measures - Website - Sony Pictures
 Role: Papervision3D/AS3 Development
As part of the marketing campaign for the medical drama Extraordinary Measures, I was asked to develop a Flash site where people could share inspirational messages. Drawing from the motion design of the trailer as well as the motion of planets within the solar system, I created a 3D universe-like environment using the Flash 3D engine Papervision3D. Stars and other bright entities moving in half-random, half-gravitational orbits carry messages created and submitted by users. In addition to submitting new messages, users can also explore the message universe by selecting a star - inspired, perhaps, by its size, color or motion - and discover the words that it transports. Users can also look for messages using a keyword search or another more traditional search field. The result is an experience, at once surreal and familiar, where inspiration can come from - and to - anyone in a simplify way, like looking for inspiration in a starry sky.
Cadillac Records - Website - Sony Pictures
 Role: Flash/AS3 Development
For the marketing campaign for the musical biopic Cadillac Records, I was responsible for developing a Flash website focused on the characters within the story, as well as the actors who played them. In partnership with the designer, we created a site with a strong graphic personality and a fluid navigational system that guided users to discover the story's synopsis, biographies of both the actors and the characters they played, photos, videos and links to social media pages. The design is liquid in order to adapt to the users' screen size, and in addition, rhythms from the official soundtrack, emitted by a music player, permeate users' experience.